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Insight Counseling of Alexandria provides counseling services by Heather Smith, LPC. At Insight Counseling your privacy matters and confidentiality is of first priority. You will find the office space to be inviting, comfortable, and just right for a private conversation. The location is very accessible to I-495 in Alexandria. Parking is onsite and free! 113 S St Asaph St #2, Alexandria, VA 22314.

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Individual Counseling Using Parts of Self

Individual Counseling Using Parts of Self

Dec 1, 2017 | No Comments

Individual Counseling Using Parts of Self When I meet new clients for individual counseling you’ll find me talking about “parts of who you are” from the get go. Anyone who talks with me: friend, family, or client will notice that I mention “parts” in my everyday talk. In individual counseling, understanding the parts of who […]

Parts of Self: True You

Parts of Self: True You

Jun 21, 2016 | No Comments

What if you were able to break free? What if you were able to live fully, completely, the true you? What if you could better understand the parts of self that influence you on a daily basis?  Imagine regularly dwelling in the truest part of yourself.  What would you be doing today if there were […]

About Heather Smith, LPC

Counselling ServicesAs a Licensed Professional Counselor I strive to be the best at what I do.  Clients find me to be compassionate, caring, and focused on hearing their story.  Often clients reflect to me that their counseling experience has been very positive.  They find that they are able to gain significant insight, perspective, and healing from our sessions. As a counselor I believe you have a great potential for resiliency and healing.  I believe you do the best with the tools you have at any given time and because of that I accept you where you are.   I hold hope for you while you may feel there is no hope at all.

From an early age I had a passion for understanding how people heal.  I wanted to understand just what it is people need to heal from.  My mission has been to help those who hurt. I am living out my life passion and honored to join you on your journey.  If you are curious how I approach therapy, I use a Trauma Informed approach, as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, and Expressive Therapies woven throughout.  I am happy to explain more about what this means and how it actually take places in therapy.

When you are ready, call or contact me via the contact form on this site. I look forward to talking with you and answering your questions.  And, setting up an appointment is easy! (703) 457-6828

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